General product description




- The products manufactured by Thermoplast Kft. are characterised by long lifespan and high level of operational safety even in corrosive environment as well as minimum maintenance requirement.


- heat resistant, weather and UV radiation proof


- base material resisting alkali, acid, chemicals and dissolvers


- Despite their small size TPMV fans operate with comparatively high air transport capacity and low noise level due to their reclining blade design.


- Our fans are manufactured/delivered with dust painted support rack or with a motored design as an option; the design of the support racks facilitates quick and simple assembly.


- Its advantage to stainless steel is that no corrosion starts to develop at the welds. Welding of plastics is performed with a specially designed air heater with thermo-regulator, where hot air heats up both the surface to be welded and the welding material to softening temperature thus welding can be completed perfectly and the material remains homogeneous.


- it has firm bias point range complying with the documentation


- we recommend our products due to these features and – last but no least – their favourable prices



Heat and weather resistance


- the application of PVC (polyvinylchloride) fan blades and lines is the most practical and the most effective inside the building, at low operating temperature (-20ºC- +50 ºC ).


- equipment made of PP (polypropylene) have good chemical resistance features in wider range of temperature (-10 ºC- +90 ºC ).


- equipment made of polyester with fibreglass reinforcement are applicable for installation in a hot plant or near heat radiating surfaces as well as in open air environment.


- we undertake the manufacture of pipes, profiles in circular or square cross-cut, tanks, flap valves, etc. on a short term basis.


Main features and characteristics

- take-off of ammonia, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, paint, gas, steam, chlorine gas, alkali, carbinol, acid, hydrochloric acid.

- individual design: single phase motor, three phase motor, multispeed motor

- normal and blast proof (ATEX) design centrifugal fan


Application area

We recommend the products of our company to solve tasks of general and local take-off of corrosive gas and steam in rooms found in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, plating generator plant, painting and polishing plant, industrial manufacturing and treatment plant, animal farming plant, sewage treatment plant, winery, battery recharging room, chemical chamber, laboratory, works kitchen, etc.



- radial-centrifugal fan

- pipe fan

- organ fan



- normal

- blast-proof (ATEX)